Manufactured with advanced machine technology to ensure product quality


Corrugated box is one type of box that is widely used to package heavy and large capacity items. Made from 3 layers of paper with high quality material, that make afford sturdy corrugated box. The quantity, size and shape of the box can be adjusted by customer's request.


We offer a high-quality graphics printing on customer's duplex box with various grades, size, and shapes.


Food pack is a food packaging made of high quality paper and meets food-grade specifications and is suitable for heating using microwave, leak-proof, and environmentally friendly.
Advantages of the Food Pack box:
- Use food grade paper so it is safe for food
- Can be inserted into microwave max 100C 1 minute
- leak proof packaging
- Environmentally friendly because it is made of biodegradable material
- Water and oil resistant


The digital printing box allow customer to have a high-end graphics printed on corrugated box within small order quantity. The water based ink also provide a vibrant and eye-catching image.