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We as a integrated manufacturer packaging in Indonesia are committed in the prevention and eradication of corruption in Indonesia. To make it happen we are committed :

  1. We play as a proactive role in prevention and eradication of corruption, collusion and nepotism ( KKN ) and do not involve yourself in disgraceful acts.
  2. Obey with all of company regulations and laws regulations in Indonesia in carrying out tasks and obligations.
  3. Avoid conflicts of interest in carrying out tasks.
  4. Prohibits to all of the directors and employee of the company from giving, manifesting something to individuals who represent business partner/officials that can influence decision making or receive things from business partners.
  5. Upholding transparency, integrity and objectivity in carrying out tasks.

We as integrated manufacturer packaging in Indonesia are committed to participating and being responsible for environmental preservation and care about occupational health and safety. We determined to :

  1. Adjust and obey with all applicable laws and regulation, environmental requirements, health and safety requirements and the requirements by customer.
  2. Make continuous improvement and make it work culture.
  3. Give attention for health and work safety.
  4. Minimize the level of environmental pollution.
  5. Minimize the level of work accident.

To provide the Indonesian market with reliable packaging solution, based on quality, service, and product that is favoured by all customers and consistent across the nation. To make it happen we are committed :

  1. Providing quality and safe products for consumers and meeting quality and food safety standards.
  2. Ensure that the communication system runs actively and effectively with interested parties.
  3. Carry out continuous reviews and improvements to increase the effectiveness of the quality management system and food safety.
  4. Ensure that employees fulfill competencies in accordance with quality and food safety requirements for customer satisfaction.
  5. Adapt and comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including customer requirements regarding food quality and safety.

The management of PT Industri Pembungkus Internasional is committed to encouraging the creation of friendly products environment and Sustainable Forest Management by:

  1. Using FSC Certified raw materials.
  2. Meet the FSC Values ​​as set out in the “Policy for Association of organizations with FSC”
  3. Not involved directly or indirectly with the following activities:
    1. illegal logging or trade in illegal timber or forest products;
    2. Violation of customary rights and human rights in forest operations;
    3. Destruction of high conservation values ​​in forest operations;
    4. Large-scale conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest uses;
    5. Introduction of genetically modified organisms in forest operations;
    6. Violation of any ILO Core Convention, as set out in ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, 1998.
  4. Implement FSC Chain of Custody Standards
  5. Improving the competence of human resources
  6. Implement labor-related laws, ILO labor-related conventions and FSC employment requirements
    1. Do not employ children under the age of 18
    2. Will not discriminate against employees in work and position
    3. Committed not to do forced labor
    4. Provide freedom of association and collective bargaining
  7. Implement laws and regulations related to Occupational Safety and Health.